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JAN_2013 Striward's first project and first App.
For all of those who never find a pencil or piece of paper when they need them, here is ScoreTable: a simple, easy-to-use app for iOS and Android to mark your scores. Whatever the game, take note of your and your friends' scores with our table. And if King is your favourite card game too, Score Table has a nice table just fit for it! Forget to remember: ScoreTable will keep scores for you!


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Edoardo, Vito, Luca: 2 Engineers and 1 Interior Designer..we are Striward! We make ideas come true while having fun.
Our mission is to realize projects that mix the beauty of modern design and the performance of new technolgies.
When we start a new project we keep in mind the following core values:
  • Simple is correct
  • Be elastic and scalable
  • User experience matters
  • Everything has a limit
  • Automation
  • Be fast
  • Internet exists
We are growing and we are always looking for new projects and ideas so don't hesitate to contact us if you want to become a new Striward contributor or simply to suggest something different.

"Everything has a limit but ideas..."

Edoardo Torreggiani  Linkedin
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aka eddy

I love coding and make new things that work by themselves. I've studied Engineering and because of it I think that everything is made by these steps:

  1. Design and Research – it's amazing to hand-write your ideas on a blank piece of paper
  2. Develop – your ideas now became real...a big blob of binary numbers!
  3. Test, Deploy and Distribute – now you can play with your new product and share it with your friends.
All I need is a block of memory and at least one thread to populate it...and if you give me also bandwith...uhh there's nothing better than WebApps!!
Want to know more about me? Follow my blog

Vito Iovane  Linkedin
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aka vj

If you're reading this, you may want to know something about me. It's always difficult to describe oneself, so I'll list some of my key points.

  • while(loop == true) – this is my job, writing pieces of software. I'm an electronic engineer, but I'm better at coding than wiring
  • GND – anyway, sometimes I dive into hardware, and at times I happen to succeed
  • WTF! – more often, I write code, and even more frequently I close bugs in somebody else's code
  • to be or... – I love books - dramas above all
  • Monna Lisa – I love art - in every form
  • WWW – and I love the Internet - a huge source of knowledge, but also a huge source of new possibilities

Luca Ferraro  Linkedin
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aka luke

Curious, accurate and optimistic probably could be enough to describe me, however, I am Luca Ferraro, I love details and I have to use inspirations as drugs. I am attracted by technology as by traditions, I like to listen to music while I read and work, I am fascinated by the snow-capped mountains and I love to ski, especially alone. As a professional I am an interior designer with a passion for graphics and for all raw materials and those derived from nature. If you want to know more about this, discover some of my inspirations here: